Electrolyzed Water And Cancer: Added Health Benefit Or False Hope?

Many of our blog articles talk about fighting cancer and the importance of attacking cancer from all angles. We review many different supplements, off-label prescription drugs, and various foods that have shown promising anticancer benefits. One particular substance, however, that is not often considered in the arsenal for beating cancer is water.

Earlier this year we posted an article closely examining the quality of our water and how best to filter your drinking water. We discussed how different levels of chemicals in your drinking water are known to cause cancer and what steps you need to take to protect yourself and your family. Staying with the water theme, we would like to introduce and explore the potential preventative effects of electrolyzed reduced water.  

Hydrogen molecule

Read on to learn more about the latest research on electrolyzed reduced water, the potential health benefits, and why it might be a powerful tool for preventing and fighting cancer.

What is Electrolyzed Reduced Water?

We have written about the benefits of alkalinity and that made us excited to tell you about electrolyzed reduced water (ERW), also known as alkaline reduced water or reduced water. These descriptions refer to the pH of the water, which ranges from 8-10, and is considered a high pH. Now, it may have been awhile since you took a chemistry class, but this type of water essentially has more hydrogen molecules than regular water [1].  

Since ERW is hydrogen rich, the preventative health powers of ERW involve how the hydrogen molecules protect cells and tissues against oxidative stress. A lot of research has shown how reactive oxygen molecules can damage DNA and may contribute to causing cancer. The excess hydrogen in ERW is able to stop these reactive oxygen molecules from damaging cells and tissues. It is from this chemical mechanism that this type of water has already been shown to be clinically effective in treating heartburn or acid reflux and irritable bowel syndrome [2].


In addition to the clinical benefits above, ERW may also possess anti-diabetic, anti-arteriosclerotic, and neuro-protective effects [3]. Reduced water has been increasing in popularity because of these health benefits. ERW, such as Essentia Water, can be found for sale on the shelves of many grocery stores and pharmacies.

Electrolyzed Reduced Water May Inhibit Tumor Vessel Growth and Metastasis

As we have documented in many of our articles, cancer has the ability to steal resources like glucose from our normal tissue and use those resources to maximize cancer cell growth. In order for a tumor to continue growing, the mass of cells requires a steady flow of nutrients. The tumor is able to create blood vessel growth throughout the tumor to feed its insatiable need for nutrients.

Tumors can secrete a protein known as a growth factor called VEGF-A. This growth factor triggers a cascade of cellular signals that bring forth capillary growth in and around the tumor. Research has also shown that VEGF is overexpressed or overly abundant in most malignant tumors [4].

electrolyzed reduced water

One of the key contributors to increasing the amount of VEGF seen in a tumor is reactive oxygen species (ROS). A study demonstrated that human lung adenocarcinoma cell lines showed decreased VEGF production when treated with serum containing ERW. The researchers pointed out that ERW blocked the reactive oxygen species from activating VEGF genes, preventing any tumor vessel growth [5].  

Electrolyzed Reduced Water May Help Protect Against Chemotherapy Induced Organ Damage

Cisplatin is a well-known chemotherapy drug used for many types of cancer including, but not limited to, bladder, testicular, and ovarian cancer. Although cisplatin has a wide clinical application, the drug has severe side effects including neurotoxicity (brain damage) and nephrotoxicity (kidney damage). These toxicities often limit cisplatin’s tolerable dosage. Scientists suspect that reactive oxygen species (ROS) are responsible for the drug’s damage to the kidney [6].

Building off studies where electrolyzed reduced water (ERW) produced anticancer effects including suppressing melanoma metastasis in mice, researchers sought out to determine if ERW would have a protective effect on kidneys as the reduced water may serve as a powerful antioxidant.


In a study in mice given cisplatin and ERW, the researchers found that the water improved cisplatin-induced electrolyte imbalances. Additionally, the reduced water improved biomarkers like serum creatinine during cisplatin treatment, which suggested kidney protective effects. The researchers of the study also point out that ERW was also beneficial for patients on dialysis as the water reduced the amount of oxidative stress typically observed in dialysis patients [7].

Frequently Asked Questions

Below we’ll answer questions we’re commonly asked about electrolyzed reduced water.

Do I need a Prescription for Electrolyzed Reduced Water?

No. Electrolyzed Reduced Water is available for sale at grocery stores, pharmacies, and online retailers. We suggest using pH strips to test the water to see if it is reduced as advertised.

Can Electrolyzed Reduced Water Help in the Fight Against Cancer?

Possibly. More research is needed to learn about reduced water, but the health benefits are becoming clear. Based on our previous article about alkalinity, the research on ERW furthers the discussion about the healing properties of alkaline.

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