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Cancer Diagnosis, Do This Before Anything Else!

Dr. Gene Wei offers his opinion on what people should do after getting that diagnosis of cancer. It can be a frightening time, but he says there is one thing to do before making a decision on any treatment. He also offers advice on what you can do should you decide conventional treatment that might help you maintain overall health.

Time: 2:33 | http://youtu.be/DbsMi-fea0Q

Is Cancer in Your Family History? Knowing This Could Help Avoid It!


Dr. Gene Wei discusses cancer and how it’s related to family history. If you have cancer in your family, are you necessarily doomed to get it? What can you do to improve your odds of not getting cancer, even if you have a genetic history of it? Dr. Wei discusses these issues here!

Time: 2:59 | http://youtu.be/iBMqeTPrBJE

You Knew Organic Foods are Healthy, But This Will Surprise You!

Dr. Gene Wei discusses the benefits of organic foods versus non-organic. Find out what the difference might be when it comes to those foods anti-cancer properties, as well as the potential toxicity levels and detox abilities.

Time: 1:38 | http://youtu.be/FInhaCbymYQ

Know This Before Starting the Budwig Diet!


Dr. Gene Wei co-authored a book on the Budwig Diet. Here he discusses some important things you should know before starting the diet and what some of the potential risk factors might be.

Time: 2:30 | http://youtu.be/2wGK7NxKuIU

The Sun Helps Prevent These Deadly Conditions, and it’s Not How You Think!

Dr. Gene Wei discusses some aspects of the Budwig protocol, including the basic components of the diet plus the benefits of sun. Find out how the sun can help in cancer prevention but also in heart health.

Time: 4:20 | http://youtu.be/BqVsS5uWYBY

The Budwig Diet, An Anticancer Protocol

Dr. Gene Wei co-authored a book about the Budwig Diet. Here, he explains the history of the woman who created it and what some of its properties are. Find out how it has become a big part of anti-cancer protocols and what kinds of foods are part of it.

Time: 5:19 | http://youtu.be/XBM8MVY2bag

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