Privacy Policy and HIPAA

Does Follow HIPAA… and Does It and Its Practitioners Have Too? takes your privacy very seriously… However, we and our practitioners do not fall under any requirements of HIPAA Laws  while working with you as health coaches. But please note:

  • We do not share or discuss your information with anyone… unless they (as one of our team members) need to see it in the process of working with you as a health coach.
  • Your information will not be shared with any other client (unless you specifically authorize it in writing for testimonial purposes.)
  • Members of our team will only access your information, if they need to review it in the process of working with you.

Health record holders NOT subject to HIPAA Laws:  Many organizations have health information about you but are neither the organizations nor the records are subject to HIPAA. The list of unregulated health record keepers include gyms, medical and fitness apps and devices not offered by covered entities, health websites not offered by covered entities, Internet search engines, life and casualty insurers, Medical Information Bureau, employers (but this one is complicated), worker’s compensation insurers, banks, credit bureaus, credit card companies. many health researchers, National Institutes of Health, cosmetic medicine services, transit companies, hunting and fishing license agencies, occupational health clinics, fitness clubs, home testing laboratories, massage therapists, nutritional counselors, alternative medicine practitioners, disease advocacy groups, marketers of non-prescription health products and foods, and some urgent care facilities. Commercial providers of Personal Health Records have health records but are not covered entities…

For more information on HIPAA Laws visit the following links:

Main Website:  to do a search and/or look up information or Call toll free: 1-800-368-1019

World Privacy Forum: Who Follows HIPAA & Who Doesn’t Fall under HIPAA

Health Privacy: HIPAA Basics:

Covered Entities and Business Associates:

Alternative Treatments NOT included in HIPAA

Contact us for additional information if needed at We have spoken to persons to make sure that we do not fall under any HIPAA laws & regulations, and continue to check to make sure nothing has changed. We have also searched on the following terms : “Integrative Medicine And HIPAA,” “Alternative Medicine And HIPAA,” “Natural Medicine And HIPAA,” “Functional Medicine And HIPAA,” “Health (and Nutritional) Coach And HIPAA,” etc. And nothing has come up except what Alternative treatments are not included  (in the link is above.) **Our team will continue to keep all your information private and follow ALL rules and regulations in every field of practice.

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