The Amazing AntiCancer Potential of Green Tea: What Science Is Revealing About EGCG

green tea leaves

When you are fighting cancer, it is essential to support your body in every way possible, in addition to following your overall treatment plan.  Green tea has an abundance of well-established health benefits and may be a useful weapon for fighting cancer from every angle. Besides water, tea is the most popular beverage in the … Read more

How to Use Milk Thistle to Fight Cancer: A Powerful Multi-Tasking Tool

milk thistle

When you are fighting late-stage and challenging cancer, it’s important to support your body in every way possible. Fortunately, there are many approaches that you can consider, in addition to your oncologist’s treatments. This is especially important for difficult and later-stage cancers. Overall, many anticancer substances and strategies can help you fight cancer from every … Read more

How To Fight Cancer More Effectively With Ursolic Acid

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When you’re fighting challenging and late-stage cancer, it’s essential to support your body in every way possible.  One of these strategies involves using natural substances that can help you fight cancer from every angle, in addition to your other treatments. And many of these anticancer nutrients come from the foods that we eat. “An apple … Read more

An “Aggressive Integrative Approach” To Cancer: Why It’s So Powerful, And How It Can Help You

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If you’re new to AntiCancer360… this article explains our outlook on cancer treatments, natural anticancer strategies, and the best way to approach cancer in general. The core of the AntiCancer360 approach is something we call an “Aggressive Integrative Approach.” And considering the current state of science, we believe this to be the best approach if … Read more

The Biggest Debate In Cancer (That You May Not Know About)


Don’t have time to read? Here’s a quick summary: Scientists debate whether cancer is a genetic disease, or a metabolic disease. Most say that cancer is caused by genetic errors. Others say that it’s a metabolic problem stemming from dysfunctional mitochondria (i.e. the cell’s power plant). This concept of cancer started in the early 1900’s … Read more