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If you're fighting cancer, you'll want to know about our new liposomal formulas.

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What are liposomal supplements and why are they beneficial?

Liposomal supplements are formulated in a way that can greatly increase absorption in the body.

And when it comes to supplements in general, low absorption and bioavailability are some of the biggest obstacles that we face.

Many supplements suffer from low absorption.

Some of the most widely known anticancer supplements, for example, suffer from very low absorption and low bioavailability.

Berberine for example has less than 1% bioavailability [R].

Green tea compound EGCG for example was found to have a 0.1% bioavailability in mice [R].

But, when you wrap these substances in liposomes the bioavailability can increase greatly.


Take a look at this example below of green tea extract taken normally, and taken in liposomal form [R].

You can see that it's a big difference In terms of blood levels. And getting therapeutic levels in the blood is key to getting the full benefits of any health-promoting substance.

Here's another example of a study looking at the anticancer potential of various substances individually, combined, and combined in a liposome form [R].

If you look at this graph below, you can see the concentrations of various substances needed to get rid of 50% of the cancer cells in their tests (i.e. IC50.)

The first one on the left is betulinic acid, which requires quite a high concentration. Honokiol is the next one to the right, which was more potent since it required a lower concentration to get the same cancer-killing effect.

But you can see here below, that when you combine all of these substances together (i.e. cocktail therapy,) you get an even more potent effect.

Then, when you put this combination in liposome form(i.e. cocktail liposomes therapy,) you get an even MORE potent effect overall.

So this study shows you the potential of combining different anticancer supportive substances together, AND the power of putting them in a liposome form.

Why we produced our own liposomal supplements

So why did we opt to produce our own liposomal supplements?

Because at Anticancer360, a lot of our focus is on supporting people who have very advanced cancers. And because of the difficult nature of our work, there are many tools that we need to help us get the best outcome possible.

And, we quickly realized that many of these products are not available on the market.

Liposomal supplements, for example, are mostly made for general supplements like vitamin c, curcumin, and glutathione.

And while some of these can be useful to support someone against cancer, there are so many other specialized substances that we need in liposome form. And these specialized substances just aren't available.

So that's why we recently decided to make our own liposomal formulas, and we've also seen an increase in benefits in our clients' cases.

Liposomal formulas for member's only

Now, In general, we only make these liposomal formulas available to the members of our program. And this is because we are still in the research and development (r&d) phase, and we are constantly refining and adjusting these formulas. And because of this, we only make them in very small batches.

But, we are about to make another small batch R&D order and wanted to make them available to you guys on our email list, on a pre-order basis.

We don't have a definite date of production yet, But it'll probably be in the next 8 weeks.

Which formulas will be available?

So for this next batch, here are the three formulas that we'll be producing.

1. Cell Balance: (Liposomal) Chaga mushroom, Magnolia bark extract,  Rosemary plant extract, Bergamot, Feverfew plant extract.

This formula is a source of: Ursolic acid, betulinic acid, honokiol, rosmarinic acid, apigenin, parthenolide.

2. Lipid Balance: (Liposomal) Red yeast rice, garcinia cambogia.

This formula is a source of: Monacolin K(chemically identical to Lovastatin,) and hydroxycitrate.

3. Liposomal Berberine: (Liposomal) Berberine

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Gene Wei DOM, AP

Integrative AntiCancer Specialist



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