How a Common Generic Blood Pressure Drug May Combat Cancer: Exploring the Anticancer Potential of Losartan

During cancer treatment, some people choose to use natural remedies and lifestyle changes alongside recommended oncology treatments. An additional popular approach is using medications off-label, which means using them for a purpose not approved by the FDA but supported by evidence of potential benefits. Losartan is a prescription blood pressure medication being studied for its … Read more

Anticancer Effects of Low-Dose Naltrexone

While undergoing cancer treatment, many people choose an integrative approach, using natural remedies, lifestyle changes, nutrition, dietary interventions, and recommended oncology treatments. Another approach to supportive care during cancer treatment involves using medications “off-label.” When a medication is used off-label, it means that the Food and Drug Administration hasn’t approved the medication for that particular … Read more

Can A Pepper Plant Provide Anticancer Effects? What The Research Shows About Piperlongumine

A cancer diagnosis can be a scary thing to hear. Deciphering the news of the diagnosis, treatment plans, and the mental burden, people diagnosed with cancer often look to additional methods to help fight it. Other methods include diet, exercise, and experimenting with dietary supplements on top of their medication regimen. One supplement that people … Read more

What to Know About Flaxseed and Cancer: Benefits and Risks

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Mebendazole: Can It Help Fight Cancer?

When facing cancer, you want to use every cancer-fighting tool available. Among different strategies, taking repurposed prescription drugs like mebendazole has gained popularity. “Off-label” drug use is when a medication is prescribed for purposes other than the approved uses described in the drug’s official Food and Drug Administration (FDA) label. Healthcare providers can legally prescribe … Read more